Life of Richard 2.0

richi2015-11-30 Richi

Richi Trümel, the known Austrian paraglider pilot has to accept the challenge of a completely new life. Instead of racing in the air he had to learn how to breathe by himself.

During the Austrian National Championships on 5th June 2015 Richi had a bad accident close to the Gerlos Pass. No other pilot witnessed how, during an accident, Richi fractured 3 cervical vertebra. We must be always grateful and give our thanks to the farmers who found him and therefore saved his life.

After a few months in hospital Richi is now working hard in rehab center every day to fight his way back into a self-determined life. Being paralyzed from his breast downwards and driving a wheelchair is already a huge effort.

In a few months Richi will be returning to his family and home, his house will need a complete reconstruction including building in an elevator to make it suitable for wheelchairs. Everyone who knows him is amazed about his attitude towards this unthinkable situation. Richard will never compete in the air again, his new race is on the ground now on two wheels.

Accepting this situation we could not help him yet, but now there is a chance to help him and his family. Besides visiting him, releasing the financial pressure is the best way. Converting his parents house into a suitable one for disabled will cost a lot of money.

Please help Richi into his 2nd life!

Verein zur Unterstützung von verunfallten Wettkampfpiloten im Gleitschirmsport

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